Texas Tea

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Texas Tea iTunes
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If you like games such as Bejeweled, Jewel Quest II, Trism, Yahtzee and Poker, you'll love this game. It is a unique new game that mixes features of all those games. match dice using typical poker hands to clear the game board and make your way across Texas from El Paso to Austin fro the big finale!

It is #1 Casino Game

It is #1 Puzzle Game

It is #53 in Apple's Top 100




Mock up One

For this application I skipped the mockup on graph paper and went straight to an application using Photoshop. In Photoshop I could be precise with how big to make each area for the game. This allowed me to be exact on the sizes of the dice pictures. As you can see in my first mockup every thing fits.

I quickly got the cutup to the coders so they could test how it would play.

Second Mock up

After playing with the first mock up we saw that the dice could be even smaller and still be able to play the game. So I changed the dice size and started to create the rest of the elements for the game.

Playing the game you will see that there are 15 different levels to beat. Some of the bottom elements have changed but that was for coding purposes.

We have added a social networking features to keep track or challenge your friends.


A Few Final Screens


final screen final screen