Dine and Divide

Dine and Divide

Dine and Divide
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Dine and Divide is the Diner's calculator. It splits the check, handles discounts, coupons and gift certificates, and calculates the tip. You can split the check evenly were everyones pays the same or split it based on the diners dinners. People can share coupons and gift certificates or not. The tips are calculated based on your choices. When it's all done just e-mail it as a reminder for your books.

There are so many features I did not list them all.





In the brief I was presented with a few photo's of what they had for screens. One screen is on the left.

The client did not limit anything (color, font, images) the sky was the limit.

Second Mock up

My first concept was a fancy application.

Third Mock up

Fourth Mock up

Then I toyed with the idea of a whimsical persons made from an ampersand sign.

Final Choice

I ended up with this fun italian chef. Using Illustrator and Photoshop I created all the visual elements.


A Few Final Screens


Final Final